Colourplay Music© in practice

Gitaar Centrum Amstelland supports schools and teachers in applying Colourplay Music©.
Interested? Please contact us through the form and indicate:

– what instrument you would like to play,
– what target group you have in mind,
– and what methods you have been using up to now.


‘Yeliel started taking guitar lessons a while ago. It was pretty difficult for him at first. He was taught the ‘standard’ way, but ever since he’s been taught by Charlotte, who uses colours as a basis, he’s improving by leaps and bounds. He likes practising and enjoys going to his guitar lessons.
The colours make it so much easier and more fun for kids to learn the notes. Great system!’
Cristina – Yeliel’s mum

Colourplay Music is an easy and accessible way to learn to play the guitar! It removes the barrier of reading notes, especially for people like me who learned to play guitar at a later age. When you’re just learning how to play, there’s already so much to think about. At that point, simply remembering the colours of the strings is far easier than familiarising yourself with the conventional musical notation. This way, Colourplay Music allows you to play tunes very quickly. It’s hugely motivating and makes playing guitar fun!’

‘Robin started taking guitar lessons when he just turned 6. He learned to play guitar very intuitively by working with Colourplay Music, even before he could read well. This made it relatively easy for him to process the notes on the sheets into playing actual songs. After some time, the use of the various colours was reduced step by step. Now he’s been playing without colours for two years and can read notes without a problem.’
Marlies – Robin’s mum

‘The Colourplay Music system is so clear that my son can just get busy making music without becoming frustrated with reading notes. He also develops much faster, because he can play all the tones thanks to the six colours and simple numbering, instead of first having to learn all sorts of difficult notes. We switched to Charlotte and this new system after 1.5 years of regular music lessons, and are very happy we did: the enjoyment in playing takes pride of place again!
Julie – Emile’s mum

‘I started taking guitar lessons as an adult. Although I don’t belong to Colourplay Music’s specific target group, I did find it a very effective and enjoyable system to learn notes by playing.’
Cees Dert

‘Floor started playing guitar with Charlotte Schouten as a very young student, 6 years old, without any previous experience. Brimming with enthusiasm, she got straight to work on it following the Colourplay Music system. She developed her skills from lesson to lesson and managed to master the system playfully and effortlessly. She could even compose and perform a piece of music for het grandpa’s funeral as a seven-year-old. I can only say that learning to play guitar with this method is extremely appealing and very easy to manage.’
Floor: I think it’s very easy to play with the colours, and I couldn’t imagine any other way, and I really love playing guitar!’
Pauline – Floor’s mum

‘Before I became a student of Charlotte’s, I’d already played guitar with another teacher for less than a year. He worked with chords instead of notes. The reason he gave for this was: ‘To start reading notes as a beginner is too much to ask. It’s better to wait two years.’ With these words in the back of my head I was learning to read notes with Charlotte during our first trial lesson. The method was one where the notes were coloured. It immediately helped me to be able to read the notes and to know what string to play. So, without being aware of it, you remember the position of the note on the staff and also what string you need to play. Unthinkingly and literally by playing around on the guitar you get the hang of it. And after some time you‘re able to read notes without colours.’