About Colourplay Music©

– A direct way to read music; excellent for people with dyslexia and attention deficit disorders –

What is Colourplay Music©?

 In a nutshell, Colourplay Music© is musical notation rendered in colour. No additional processing is required to get from reading music to playing music.

Reading notes is a good example of multitasking because in order to process and play from sheet music three actions must be combined at once: reading the pitch, reading the rhythm and using your motor skills. Colourplay Music© makes the reading part very ‘direct’. This is done by corresponding various colours on the sheet music to colours on the instrument.

Colourplay Music© can be taught as part of a game and is especially suited for students with dyslexia or attention deficit disorders, as well as for very young students from the age of three. Colourplay Music© can actually be used by everybody and in the end every student learns to read notes without colour. The barrier to learn a new ‘language’ (musical notation) does not exist with Colourplay Music©.